WebSideStory To Buy ATOMZ

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I was a bit confused when I read this title in my aggregator. At first I thought this was ATOMFilms, which I remembered as a site where I had been to ages ago but couldn’t recall what it was called. But when I read the real story, a few bells rang in my head.

As the story states, WebSideStory has decided to acquire Atomz, which is apparently an enterprise site searching tool I remember looking at ages ago. I think this is a good deal, as WSS has a few plans on what its gonna do with Atomz. I just wish both the best of luck!

Upon completion of the merger, WebSideStory will combine Atomz’s hosted site search and web content management applications with WebSideStory’s HBX web analytics service to create the industry’s first suite of integrated, on-demand digital marketing applications. WebSideStory’s Active Marketing Suite will also include a keyword bid management product, scheduled for release this summer. The Active Marketing Suite will offer a single, shared environment in which businesses can more easily optimize their online performance across multiple marketing channels, while greatly reducing their vendor management costs.