The Future Of Technology: Three Stages of Evolution

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It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of those ‘changing the world’ type essays, and I’ve gotta admit, I love writing them. For the past few days, months infact, I’ve been really thinking and thinking hard over the future of technology. No, not just information technology, but technology as a whole.

Finally, I’ve come up with three main concepts and stages of evolution. I imagine the world to be like this in the three stages given, and in the time-frame specified. Note that these ideas are my own, I have not used a single source, even for inspiration (except for the third one with Star Wars). You’re free to use and rewrite these ideas in anyway possible, but I would appreciate a reference to myself or The Daily Rundown. If you would like to discuss any of these concepts with me, you’re more than welcome to. My e-mail is

1) The Wireless World2010-2020: A world without wires.

No plug-points, no power-plugs. Every house has a ‘power server’ in which every device, appliance, and anything which requires power, ‘connects’ to. The power server in very much like a broadcasting tower, if used as an analogy. Instead of broadcasting signals, however, it gives out power within the given diameter, e.g. a house. This way, for example, when I need to get my vacuum cleaner in a place where there’s no plug point, I won’t have to go to the trouble of finding an extension cord, because they simply will not exist. Every device will instead have something similar to an antenna (again, an analogy) which will ‘catch’ the power sent out by the power server and use it to for itself.

This will enable countless possibilities, and possibly put each and every which builds plug points and/or power plugs out of business. But note that, even though it is called the ‘wireless world’, wire will still exist — but inside of the device or appliance, not outside. This advancement may also enable several ‘black-hats‘ in the margin, but there is almost no advancement which has prevented this. This means that even though the boundaries of such an advancement may be limited — the technology will still seize to exist.

2) Communicating Appliances2020-2030A world where every device ‘talks’ with every other device.

All the appliances you buy as a consumer, this includes from fridges to TVs to washing machines to toasters, is equipped with an ‘appTalker’. The ‘appTalker’ is able to communicate with ANY device in the range of the house. For instance, my bathroom heater is connected to my alarm clock. This way, my alarm clock will ‘tell’ the bathroom heater using the ‘appTalker’ in real-time to what time I’ve set my alarm to. The bathroom heater will use this information to determine when to turn itself on, and, using the information from another connection to an hybrid (outside and inside average) thermometer, it will decide:

a) when to turn itself on (using my alarm clock)
b) on what temperature to turn itself on to (using the external thermometer)

Note that the ‘appTalker’ is completely dynamic and real-time, which means if I were to change the time I have set the alarm clock to, even at the last minute, and if for example the temperature suddenly drops to minus four degrees celcius, the bathroom heater will INSTANTLY realise this and using this to calculate the appropriate settings for itself.

3) Dynamic “Physical” Information2030-????A world where a technology such as the Internet, exists, but is completely physical.

There is no other way to describe this kind of technology except for the one that you see in Star Wars, and exactly that. Human beings are able to communicate with each other, but not as they do now: such as using a phone or a webcam or over the Internet, but instead, physically, in real time. Technologies such as holograms can enable this. Given a specific three-dimentional co-ordination, a device, called the “DynaCom’, communicates with the other ‘DynaCom,’ wherever it is, and enables real-time audio-visuals, but with the third dimention: feel. Movies will able to use this by, for example, changing temperatures and moods in given scenes. Businesses will be able to use this to have real-time business meetings just as they do in Star Wars. Families will be able to use this to talk to each other over the DynaCom. The possibilities are endless.

Such a technology will surely require another great scientist, or a group of them, but when such an advancement does take place, please be sure to refer back to this post and the Star wars movies. 😉