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Today, I decided I had had enough with online DVD renting, a day’s wait etc. and I really needed a movie or two to watch. So I found out there are a couple of DVD rental shops called ‘VideoEZY’ in town (Queenstown, New Zealand). I was happy, went in there, all looked nice.

I thought I hadn’t watched the original Matrix for a while, so might as well rent it out (only $4/per week). So I start looking for ‘The Matrix’ in the Sci-Fi category. Spend about 15 minutes looking and re-looking through the category, nothing. I go upto the lady at the counter. Here’s the transcript of our chat from what I can remember:

Lady: Hi, how has your day been?
Me: Quiet, and what about you?
Lady: Yeah, me too.
Me: Um, I was looking for ‘The Matrix’ and I can’t find it in the sci-fi category. Is it in-store or has someone borrowed it?
Lady: Hmm…let me check.
Lady: Yup, it’s here. It should be in the Action category, over there in the middle.
Me: All right, thanks.

Now, two things:

1. Who the hell would call Matrix an action movie??!! Of course, it’s action, but only partly action. Personally, I think Matrix belongs more in the sci-fi category. It’s science, it’s fiction.
2. Even if it was “action,” as they say, can’t they have one spare copy in the Sci-Fi? Spending $15 on a spare copy is better than totally frustrating a customer.

Ok, now it gets better (well, worse for me, but better if you like reading this kind of stuff.) I take it home, fire it up on my Sony Wega 32″ Flatscreen (not to be bragging or anything here 😉 ), which comes with a DVD player and so far hasn’t given me headaches like other DVD players do (with the remote, doesn’t open most of the times, etc.)

I watch it till about 40 minutes in the middle, and it gets stuck. I mean, it’s stuck. Can’t press anything, nothing. It plays about 2 minutes later, but with bits of audio missed out and the image wobbly/garbage. It does this for about 5 minutes, and then I decide I’ve had it and I restart the DVD player. I go to scene selection, and luckily there’s a chapter exactly where I left it/restarted it. I press enter.

Same thing happens for about 5 minutes, I restart, and this time use the “go to” function and ‘type’ in “00:40:00″. Same thing again. I start to get frustrated (majorly) and I turn off the DVD player for a while, un-plug it, and check my e-mail. Ten minutes later, try the same things, nothing. I try it on my laptop: same problem.

Grrrrrrr! If you have come across this kind of a thing before, you would know how frustrating it can get. I am certainly going to ask for my $4 back (better even, exchange it for “The South Park Movie” 😉 ) or at least do something about this. It certainly ruined a night: look at me now, sitting in a bedroom with an angry face, typing typing and looking at the cover of The Matrix – with a certain something in it that RUINED MY WHOLE NIGHT!

…that’s my weekend for ya. :)

Oh, and next time, I’ll stick to DVD Unlimited, thanks :-) (a day’s wait is better than a night’s hell).

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