Audio Search: You Nailed it Yahoo!

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When it comes to audio search, there are some, but not really what I would use as a busy audio searcher at past-times. I mean, if you ever wanted to find Tony Blari’s speech on 7th July 2005, or what Bush had to say about the 9/11 bombings when it happened, where would you turn? Ok, so you can search for “tony blair speech london bombings audio” or “george bush 9/11 speech audio”, but do you really want to go hunting for audio in a search engine for text? Personally, hell no. Why would I when Yahoo! Audio Search has just come out?

Personally, I have long awaited a decent, working podcast search engine, not to mention something that searches audio (speeches, etc.) and I wouldn’t mind that 20 second clip for the new Coldplay album. Yahoo! Audio Search has it all. I have to say, and I have been saying this in the past few days: Yahoo! has really been listening. By listening, I don’t mean asking Adam Curry what to put in their audio search or how to structure it, but I mean basic stuff like keeping up with the blogosphere, going to conferences, etc.

Companies, such as MSN, Google (sometimes) I think just want to get their product up to be in the business, because their competition has already done it. I mean, look at desktop search and now mapping software. But Yahoo! really first of all tries to get there first, and not by getting there first, but actually doing their homework before they get out something. This has really been helping.

Anyway, before I get too carried away, I’ll get back. Yahoo! Audio Search is something, I think, that will help fill up my past time in the next few days. I mean, finding an episode of a podcast on Photoshop is only now a “search” away. I mean, have a look for yourself.