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Oh, great. Another one of these rumors. John Paczkowski reports the Mozilla Foundation, as it was known, will soon become the Mozilla Corporation, to help to promote the Mozilla project. Fine. A for-profit corporation with non-profit goals. Really makes sense! Now, you may be wondering, where does Google come in this?

Google comes in right here.

For the Mozilla Foundation, which to date has survived off donations, early seed money from AOL and perhaps the help of wealthy friends at the Googleplex, nurturing a private company may give it the financial heft it needs to hold its own against Microsoft in the browser market.

So, what John is basically suggesting: Google, ding-ding, hello, help them out, here’s your chance to lap Microsoft. It may be so, but personally, even though there might be numerous good things about this, I reckon Mozilla is fine just as is. They don’t need Google. Actually, they don’t even need the ‘corporation’. I’m a volunteer at ITConversations and the donation system just works out (for the volunteers). Of course, Doug Kaye (executive producer), has plans to majorly expand it (majorly), that’s why we may be switching to a different ‘model’ (although Doug doesn’t like the word ;-)) and therefore it’s hopefully gonna work out.

Now, Mozilla? What, are they planning to make MozillaOS? WaterFish? (haha, get it, FireFox, ThunderBird, etc.? anyway..)

So, basically, I may be completely wrong. Perhaps Google might acquire it, perhaps FireFox will drastically improve with the Mozilla Corporation, perhaps Mozilla may become the next [whatever], but hey, that’s what I think.

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