Rumors of Google OS again; Web 2.0; Technorati; Blogspot Spamming Technology

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Google Base = Web Base?

Ok, a few tiny things-that-I-didn’t-write-and-don’t-have-much-to-comment-on.

Rumors of Google/Sun OS
Would you buy it? Well, the rumors are out. I simply think it’s bullsh*t like other countless "Google doing X" things (Google Browser? Google Office? iTunes rival? Gosh.) Of course, slap me in the face if this does turn out to be true but to be honest I doubt it will.

What is Web 2.0?
This is a highly argueable topic but Chris Pirillo wrote something today, which, if you’re on a coffee break do have a read of. Pirillo says Web 2.0 is rather a renaissance than a version update (as the name suggests). I do agree because truly this didn’t happen overnight. It’s simply two words I remember John Battelle called his conference last year — which 21st century Internet startups have been using to emphasise business plans. Of course, Chris has his own which if were to be defined would be no less than Web 1.9999. Something to watch over, this term.

Technorati: Where’s my blog?
Ok, what do you do if you’ve submitted and resubmitted your blog to Technorati about four times in the last two weeks, tried to get in touch with tech support, tried different methods (codes, eg. JavaScript/HTML) and it still isn’t indexing/letting you claim [says in-progress] your blog? You blog about it of course. So please, if anyone from Technorati is reading this, do look over this problem. My blog is and ID sid_yadav. It would be much appreciated if something is done about this.

Where Blogspot Spammers get their technology?
Ok, this has spread through the blogosphere so I won’t even bother crediting it to one person. It seems (don’t link to it!) maybe the technology spammers are using to crowd SERPs from blog search engines such as Pubsub. An e-mail Chris received from a friend of his goes like this:

Here is one of the "tools" being used to create a hell of a mess out there. Can they do this legally, I think they can. They are providing a "gun" it’s up to the user to shoot it or not. Pretty sucky. Nasty little tool here, its one of the ways spammers can create 1000’s of posts to 1000’s of different spam blogs at blogger instantly all from this webform.You give it a list of urls and some keywords, and it scrapes post content from the list of urls and automatically takes the relevant keywords and links them back to YOUR site.So you not only get the keyword link backs, but you get credit for the content others create, all automatically…

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