Will VideoEgg be the Audioblog for Video?

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We’ve all seen the phenomenon that Audioblog created over podcasting — and it’s been great — but will VideoEgg launched last month at DEMO create the same thing? The idea, as you can imagine, is simple. Just replace audio with video. Instead of listening, you’re watching. Instead of downloading that 2MB MP3 file you’re downloading (or just watching) a 5 or 6 or 7 or 8mb MPEG/SWF.

I do agree, this will make the job of those small niche of video bloggers, possibly many more to come, way easier, but frankly, I don’t get the point. It’s cool if you’re watching something that’s necessary to watch, such as the recipe for a pumpkin soup or how to fix that annoying little thing in your video camera, but seriously, staring at someone’s face just for the expressions and the feeling of being there, when you could easily just listen to him anywhere you like? I don’t get the point.

Ok, so the advantages are, as I said above, getting the actual ‘feel’ and of course watching instead of just listening. But the disadvantages? In my opinion they out-number the advantages. Bigger files, no default standard format (WMV? RM? MOV? AVI? MPG? SWF/Video?), no extensive device support [ok, so there’s the new iPod], just seems (a) useless and (b) unneeded. Of course, this is just my speculation that this won’t be big as podcasting, whether it will only time can decide. Until then, I can only have good hopes for the company — I just hate the whole idea but not the company which I think is doing a decent job of what it’s doing.