Bill Gates, Ray Ozzie: Memos Leaked

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Usually, I try my hardest not to post about stuff that’s been happening at others’ blogs, e.g. "Mark gets a haircut" or "Om makes a to-do list,"  because I simply beleive if people really wanted to know what’s been happening in their lives, they wouldn’t be reading my blog to know about it and if they just don’t know Mark or Om or whoever then it’s worthless to them. But this I had to post.

If you’ve been following NY Times about their articles on Office Live, you would notice that they recently published an article which revealed not the memos itself but their interpretation of the memo which was sent out to Sernior Microsoft execs by Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie at the end of last month. Read the article if you want, but if you’re Dave Winer, you don’t want to read their interpretation, you’d want to read the memo itself.

Of course, that’s what Dave did. By contacting a few internal Microsoft sources, a few hours later he received the copies of the actual memos sent by a "authentic source," who only gave them away in return of a promise that he’d remain anonymous.  Anyway, Dave has published these memos. They’re quite long, but do have a read. You’ll get what Office Live & Microsoft Live are all about and most importantly what Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie have to say about it. Here:

1. Bill Gates’s email.

2. Ray Ozzie’s memo, in HTML.

3. Ray Ozzie’s memo, in Word doc format.

I have to say, I’ve never seen such a brave and willing person like Dave Winer. This just shows, if a scoop has a purpose then it’s not a scoop. It’s the truth.