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I’ve been eagerly following the recently held SDForum’ Search SIG conference, and among others, one of the cool search engines that was demo’d there was Truveo. It’s basically a simple video search engine — as are Yahoo!"s Video Search and Google Video (Truveo’s only two major competitiors). I have to say, after a bit of here and there, I like it.

First of all, the thing that drags me to it is the clean, intuitive interface (I personally think Google’s a bit too clean and Yahoo! too cluturred). They have categories, including top picks, news, sport, entertainment, and recently viewed. And one more thing I like about Truveo is their advanced search feature — from what I can see, neither Google or Yahoo! have such robust options.

Now, let’s try examples. One example would be the term "cat fight". If you notice, Each clip has a duration, title,. format, quality, etc. – fairly standard in the world of video search. But there are three features that are very unique to Truveo — none of the video search engines in the market carry — they are the three icons on the bottom right-corner of a result: show more like this, e-mail to a friend, and show details.

– Show more like this – pretty self-explanatory. It’s basically "related search" if you’ve heard of that.

– E-mail to a friend – self explanatory also. You can e-mail any clip and its details to a friend.

– Show details – this is one of the features I love. Sure, you get some details in the result itself, but with a simple click on "show details," you’ll be quite amazed as to what you get to know about the video. For the most detailed video I could find (details vary on the video clip):

– Runtime
– Author
– Genre
– Category
– Copyright
– Country
– Language
– Host Site
– Produced
– Found on

Pretty impressive, one would say. Moving on from the features, let’s check its relevancy. Hmm, what is a unique term for a video which has only a few relevant videos (that ones we need)? Let’s try looking for George Bush’s reaction on the recent hurricane Katrina.

Google Video: George Bush "Katrina"
Yahoo! Video: George Bush "Katrina"
Truveo: George Bush "Katrina"

 Ok, I know most of my readers don’t have much time to go through each link, so I’ll explain a few things. First of all, Google Video sucks. After having done that search, I’m not sure why I’m even comparing it to the other two. You can check it out ofr yourself, it has only one result and that too of some extremely irrelevant video of Barbara Bush. We’ll get to Truveo in a second, but let’s go to Yahoo! first. Compared with Google, of course, it’s much much better, But one can’t help noticing the amount of duplicated in that one result page — five unique results, fifteen pure duplicates. Why Yahoo? Why? On the other hand, though, there’s Truveo. No duplicates, no crap Barbara Bush videos and more than one search result, I’m amazed.

You know, Yahoo! Video accepts submissions through media rss, Google direct uploads and seperate submissions for the major producers, but what about Truveo? Worry not. If you go to the bottom of their About page, you’ll notice they accept videos as well — through media rss — a big releif.

Overall, I surprisingly find Truveo much better in some ways to its competitors. Of course, it lacks some of the main features such as the file size of a result and can be quite irrelevant at times (Yahoo!) but apart from those, I quite like it. Heads up to the Truveo team for their awesome product, but only a small request: you need a blog! (video blog, maybe?) Of course, if it existed, I’d classify Truveo as a true Web 2.0 search company.

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