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Wow, I’m feeling great. Three sleepless nights, countless headaches, many times finding myself recalling my CSS/PHP/HTML skills which I haven’t done so for months, and all that work has paid of because the new design is now live. LIVE! Yes, what a fantastic word, and props to whoever invented it. LIVE! Ok, I’ll stop that. If you’re reading this in an RSS aggregator, you’re missing out, so I urge you to check it out.

Of course, the design isn’t the only thing I’ve changed, I’ve also changed the whole format of, so I’ll stop wasting your valuable time and tell you what’s changed and give you a bit of an intro to the new

  • New Design. Pffff…duhh. The new and much fresher look really supports the idea of this website and the concept of ‘revolution’. Being the perfectionist that I am, I’m extremely happy with the way it is: colour, fonts, style, layout, graphics, etc. etc. Yeah, of course, why wouldn’t I be after three sleepless nights. Oh, and I can’t really describe it to you if you’re reading this in an aggregator, again, I request you to check it out.
  • ‘Rundown’s. So I’ve decided to discontinue what I’ve been doing for a few days, that is the “ Daily Rundowns” with what you will see in a grey box if you visit the homepage (if you’re already on it, scroll all the way up and you’ll see it). Yes, it’s the one titled “Rundown: Latest Links”. Basically, if I find a great article, piece of writing, something interesting, a new tool, and I don’t want to write a 200-word+ essay on it, you’ll see it mentioned there. I estimate I’ll post about five links/per day there. Yes, you can call it a linkblog. Of course, I also offer with it an archive and if you subscribe to the RSS feed, you’ll automatically receive it along with all the other stuff I post here (RSS feed = all of

All right, so the two above are the main things. Here are some of the smaller ones, but before I mention those, let me just take a second to confirm that will still remain all about Web 2.0. the next revolution, and bringing you the latest in this. This new format will only make it much much much better. So, carrying on:

  • New slogan: “Intellectual Activity on Web 2.0”. How does that sound? Get it? (Intellectual activity = thoughts, ramblings, etc.)
  • On any page, you can click on the header (logo, top, wherever) and it will automatically return you to the homepage.
  • The sidebar will stay. So no matter wherever you are on this site, you will see it. With that, you’ll have access to the feed, search, my e-mail, recent posts, the archives and the blogroll from anywhere.
  • Trackbacks are enabled on each post/page. Just add /trackback to the end of any page and fly like a bird (sorry, had to put that in). I do syndicate for the trackback-locator-thingy in RDF as well, so if you link to my blog and have auto-trackbacks turned on, I should receive it.
  • Obviously, comments are turned on as well on each post. I will not delete a comment, however flamy it be, unless it’s spam. Instead, I’ll respond to it and I hope to keep it a good way to receive feedback and discuss whatever I write about.
  • Updated my about page.
  • No donate money link or ads (at least as for now). So how am I going to make money? Well, by only putting ads of dedicated sponsors (e.g. as opposed to AdSense). So if you’re interested in being one, drop me an e-mail. Well, until someone does, or I get contacted by Federated, I’ll let the users have a taste of pure unnoying (hey, I invented a word!) content.
  • New copyright footer. If you can’t be bothered looking, basically, you can use my content however you want by either crediting me (my name: Sid Yadav) or linking here.
  • No spelling mistakes or bad grammar. So I can’t promise that, but I’ll try. Reeely tri.
  • At least one post a day. At least. Promise.

..and that’s all I can think off, since very idiotically I didn’t keep a log of what I changed or plan it before hand.

So, what do you think? Hate it? Love it? Think it’s ‘ok, just another blog’? Do post in the comments section below or e-mail me.

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