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LifeLoggerLifeLogger is a new startup which aims, like several others these days, to be the no. 1 tool to log your life: from your photos to videos, audio, bookmarks, thoughts (blog), to even your friends. And I can tell you right now, it’s no short of impressive.When I first came across LifeLogger, I was unsure whether to review it, simply because there are so many tools of this kind that I’ve reviewed in the past. But it’s crispy interface and the fact that it’s storage limit (150 media files per month, 100mb per-file, free) went beyond what I had previously come across, I couldn’t leave it.


The signup process with LifeLogger is the simplest I’ve come across. It asks for your username (which is uses as your subdomain, e.g., password, and your e-mail. After that, and the confirmation codelifelogger_11.png receiving/clicking, you’re done. And that’s all there’s really to it. The process was so simple, I think I could repeat it for a hundred times without hurting (oooh, hint: spammers).

The Garage

After you’ve signed up and logged in, LifeLogger takes you to what they call your ‘garage’. They call this your ‘ultimate control center’ and here lies most of the tools associated with LifeLogger. Firstly, on the top are your ‘Wisecracks’ which are basically public sticky notes others can leave into your account and vice verca. Then your ‘blinks,’ short for your personal messages. On the left there are numerous things that I won’t go into, but more importantly there’s a page which mentions your e-mail key. Every LifeLogger (for some reason I seem to write LiveBlogger and then I have to change it) user has one and it can be changed. Mine is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (update someone anonymous tells me your e-mail is kind of like your password, hint: you shouldn’t share it [unlike me]) — this is required for Moblogging or Mouploading.

Adding an Entry

This is the main tab where you can upload your personal media, create a blog post or insert a bookmark. I uploaded several things, created a blog post and a bookkarm. Doing so was fairly simple and I didn’t need any extra braincells. Everything else in this is pretty self-explanatory and once you use it, you get the hang of it very easily.lifelogger_2.png

Look and Feel

I mentioned above that one of the things that attracted me to LifeLogger was its look. This seems to be true, but it gets better once you explore the ‘Look and Feel’ tab. In it, you can change the skin (I have to admit, I like the default pink the best), reorganise menu items (AJAX alert) and also your snippets. Something else worth noting while we’re on the ‘look and feel’ topic is that AJAX is very subtly integrated in places such as the tabs, and I love it.

Overall Usage

This brings us to its overall use. A tool may be great in places, but until its practically usable (the problem with some of the Web 2.0 tools I come across these days), it isn’t worth it. I found with LifeLogger that most of its features are well-implemented and what you don’t need, don’t exist. Even though there are shiny and slick icons, some big text, and the whole Web 2.0 feel, one thing they’ve dealt with quite well is AJAX and it adds a great feel to the overall product. Of course, I can’t make a judgement as to whether it can be used, because I’ve only been using it for the past half an hour, but after having a feel through, I quite like it. My rating for LifeLogger is 4.4/5.0.

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