Netvibes Gets Design Upgrade in 2.0

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Netvibes Looks like Google Reader wasn't the only one to get a design upgrade this week. Ajax-based desktop startpage Netvibes, which has raised over $15 million in VC funding so far, just unveiled into 2.0, with what they call 'Cinnamon Release.' Included in this upgrade is a new design, a selection of color themes, a redesigned sidebar, and a wider selection of modules.

Starting with the aesthetics, one thing you can expect to see in this redesign is a lot of gradients. They've also made it much more smoother to use and, of course, customizable. The new sidebar looks much more organized and separated, not to mention cleaner to use. Netvibes has over 5 million users and as you can imagine, to get anywhere near using an Ajax application without pulling out your hair, you need a high speed connection. So if we conclude that more than 90% of its user base has broadband, I think it's safe to say that the redesign was geared toward bringing out some of the functionality, potential and use of it.

While I think their self-proclamation of 'changing the the way you use and view the web' is a bit exaggerated, it is nevertheless a decent change the 5-million-and-more Netvibes users will enjoy exploring.

Netvibes - Page Screenshot

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