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Google Docs & SpreadsheetsA few minutes ago Google unveiled Google Docs & Spreadsheets, which will officially be announced at the Office 2.0 conference in a few hours. The new offering from Google combines their acquisition of Writely with their Spreadsheets product in an effort to tightly integrate the toolset.

You can now choose to create a new document, in which case your taken to Google Docs, or start a spreadsheet, where your taken to Google Spreadsheets. Notable, you can also upload an existing one — such as a Word or Excel file — or even e-mail it to your unique Google-specified e-mail address (this was clearly borrowed from Writely, but Google allows you to upload a Spreadsheet now as well).

This also marks a change of interface for Writely which now looks like a true ‘blue’ Google product but with features that are a bit unique to find in one. It’s easy enough to understand, and there’s no doubt this is aimed at the typical office user.

The latest addition to Google’s ‘web-office,’ this fills in another gap: Microsoft Word. While we’re at it, let’s look at how many Office (Professional) products Google has replaced so far — making it free and online for everyone to use:

  • Word – Google Docs
  • Excel – Google Spreadsheets
  • Outlook – GMail
  • Outlook Calendar – Google Calendar
  • FrontPage/Publisher – Google Page Creator

Still to go:

  • Powerpoint

So, this begs the question: is Empressr or Thumbstacks next?

Google Docs & Spreadsheets - Screenshot 1

Google Docs & Spreadsheets - Screenshot 2

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