Scrybe to Revolutionize Web Office Calendars

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Scrybe A yet-to-launch startup that is making waves right now is web-based office calendar and organizer Scrybe. Based in Trenton, New Jersey, Scrybe adds a number of previously unseen features to the online calendar/organizer space that have left me keen to try it out.

First, and perhaps the most important, is the ability to work offline with its web interface without installing and downloading anything, and then having it sync automatically once you’re online. Over the past few months I’ve switched through countless to-do list and calendar applications and I keep coming back to Notepad and Outlook. Why? The world isn’t fully wirelessly connected yet, and until it is I’ll find myself working offline a lot of times and having the need to use such tools — in these cases, I don’t want to be, as they put it — stranded.

Scrybe also features a well-researched and ergonomic UI which has the feel of a traditional desktop or flash application but goes well beyond the limits of one — specifically with the zoomable rollover views. What’s more, since it is purely web and AJAX-based, it can run on any platform which adds a lot of flexibility while working through multiple systems and locations.

Another elegant feature they’ve put into place is the ability to easily manage, view and co-ordinate timezones. For the average business user who has to arrange meetings and such with people in all kinds of different timezones, such a thing can be very useful.

Currently, they’re taking invitation requests and plan on launching in beta very soon. Until then, they’ve released a YouTube video to sum up their offerings. Scrybe is a product to keep an eye on for the next few weeks. With what I’ve seen so far, this is the kind of stuff that could be the bridge to a leap in web office and calendar applications.

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