Stikkit Does Digital Sticky Notes

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StikkitCarrying forward my ‘stands out from the crowd’ coverage of the Web 2.0 Conference Summit LaunchPad, Stikkit is next up. One of the niches I’ve been lightly following within Web 2.0 is work and organizational tools — they prove to be quite useful and are no doubt going to be captured by the mainstream some time or another. And after having used Stikkit barely for half an hour (to plan this post), I have to say, this is one that will stick.

Stikkit basically plans to be the digital equivalent of those quick and dirty ‘real life’ sticky notes, although it ends up doing even more. You can add and manage your calendar, to-do list, peeps (contacts), bookmarks, and tags. It aims to be the quick and simple organizational tool for people who need to get things done, like these 25 others.

One of the things about Stikkit that stays strong is its simple and slick interface. Like every other tool that is doing this, expect a lot of AJAX functionality. Its icons are a bit confusing at first, but after using it for some time they grow on you. Another thing about Stikkit’s interface is that it has the power to ‘think.’ It updates as you write and makes smart comments on each step — some clever interaction has been put in on their behalf.

Conclusively, I’m quite impressed with Stikkit’s offering — it’s actually very well built and has a lot to give to the user. I think it’ll prove to be quite a useful tool in the work and office space, somewhat like wiki tool JotSpot which premiered at the same event a couple of years ago. Will it get acquired by Google? I’ll let you speculate.

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