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Personal Note: I’m going on a long-awaited holiday to India for 2 months, won’t have definite Internet access for the first two weeks, and hence this is my last post till then. Fortunately, Anderson Parker of AdaptiveBlue has kindly offered to fill-in for me while I’m away. That said, posting should get back to normal once I can get myself sorted with some good connectivity.

AskItOnlineCurrently in private beta is Canada-based AskItOnline, a tool which lets you create and share online surveys via an interactive drag-and-drop AJAX interface — extremely similar to Wufoo except the difference being that the latter employs the term ‘forms’ instead of ‘surveys.’

As with Wufoo, the way AskItOnline works is by letting users create surveys by dragging, dropping, and modified text-fields and such, and they can then go ahead and obtain the ‘web link’ for that survey — for example, here’s one I created. Unlike Wufoo though, the major disappointing aspect of AskItOnline is that they don’t provide codes to let you integrate your surveys to your own web pages.

Once a survey is created and published and has people hitting ‘Submit,’ the results can be obtained through the ‘Reports’ tab. What I like for multi-choice questions is that it is able to provide you with graphs and information you can see. While it is no way near as powerful as Wufoo, it gets the job done.

I have to say, I love the AskItOnline survey creator much more than the one in Wufoo. Not only is it a bit more interactive, I find it much smoother to use. However, on other aspects such as providing HTML codes and reporting more than just simple and colorful graphs, I think it falls short. Perhaps they might consider some of these features before they open to the public, in which case I think it’ll turn out an excellent product.

AskItOnline Screenshot

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