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Personal Update: After a lot of here and there in the past few months, I’m glad to say I’m back home!

Convinceme.netAfter the acquisition of JotSpot, a slight spotlight has beencast on personal wikis. Seattle-based Wetpaint is a free wiki creation tool I recently learned about which lets users create and share wikis on any topic they like. The best thing about creating a wiki on something is that it’s easily updatable like a blog and has the feel and structure of a website.

Current examples of wikis users have setup include compilations, donation requests, comparisons, awards, and so on. Wetpaint is a good example of a product which not only can be used for recreational purposes but has some real uses behind it. Additionally, every wiki has AdSense which serves as their business model — and given the volume of new wikis forming I think it’s going to serve them well.

Overall, Wetpaint is an interesting tool, community, and product. I can see a few uses already forming, not to mention the hundreds of new ones that are going to be tapped by the creative community.