Cellblock; Latest Player in Mobile 2.0

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East coast-based Cellblock is a new player in the Mobile 2.0 space which enables users to post photos and videos directly from their cellphone to the web and get them in an embedable widget form.

Several startups already existent in the space are doing a similar job, but Cellblock differentiates itself by providing an actual slideshow widget for photos rather than just have raw images uploaded in the style of Flickr. Additionally, users can get plugins from Skype, stream videos from their cell phone, and even embed Cellblocks onto their eBay auction.

Overall, I think Cellblock is doing what is already been done but in a fairly more creative way. Widgets are going big right now, and with the growing rate of users with smart cellphones that can capture audio, video and whatnot, this is quite a busy market to be in.