Imagini: The Coolest Social Network Since Friendster

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ImaginiI have to admit, I’m absolutely in love with Imagini. I think it’s the coolest social network since Friendster (or whichever was the first one.) Having recently gained some popularity from being dugg, it incorporates a technology called “Visual DNA,” where their real pitch to make you sign up is not by using flashy Web 2.0 terms, but by making you select pictures and telling you about how yourself (and amazing you with it!).

After you’ve taken the test, you receive a VisualDNA report with everything about you. Once you’ve read through, there’s a clever title at the top which says “VisualDNA Report For (Enter Name).” A signup form appears when you click on it (which, of course, doesn’t resemble a traditional signup form at all). Enter your preferred screen name, e-mail address, and whether you’d like to receive e-mails by other Imagine members, hit enter and you’re done.

Once you’ve signed up, you can customize your VisualDNA by adding actual things to your choices (e.g. My Gross, My Like To Do, etc.) You can also see how popular your choices were by others, and get a widget for your VisualDNA. Of course, Imagini is mainly a social network so using your VisualDNA, you can do things find people like you and use the gift finder to find appropriate gifts for people you know.

For coolness, ease of use, and creativity, I would rate Imagini a 100 out of 100. Of course, while it may not necessarily be practical or the next teen sensation, it’s different from the crowd and you have to give it credit for that.