Goplan Offers 37Signals Alternative

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GoplanGoplan, a new product from design firm Webreakstuff,  launched recently and offers a new and interesting project management alternative to 37signals’ products. The product is made for small to medium-sized projects and has a whole set of tools to offer.

Unlike any of 37signals’ products, Goplan’s features are divided into modules; i.e. it doesn’t come as a whole product with the ability to do x, y and z. Currently, there are modules available for note-taking, calendars, task management, and online realtime chat. When you’re setting up a project, you can choose which modules you think you’ll need and only work with those — a great time and browser real-estate saver.

Goplan offers a free plan which includes 5MB of stores and 2 projects (no additional modules). Of course, that’s meant to be more of a demo/trial than an actual plan since I can’t even imagine one-man-bands like myself using it! Their most high-end plan which includes everything/unlimited and 8GB of storage costs $100 per month, slightly better than Basecamp’s best plan which costs $150 per month, although does offer an additional 12GB storage.

Goplan simply seems like an interesting alternative, although doesn’t compare to the hype and word-of-mouth 37signals’ Basecamp has developed — you’d easily choose one over the other. However, I did find Goplan had a much more prettier interface, but 37signals has developed Basecamp on the idea of simple being best, it’s not to say which of the two is better.