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This thought has been boggling my mind for a few weeks now, and I’m glad I can finally get it out there. For the past few months, I have to admit I’ve been really experimenting with the kinds of posts and topics I cover on rev2. Which work best, which bring most readers and comments, which aren’t a ‘one-time kind’ and I can see myself covering the same sort of stuff next year and the year after, etc. I’ve also been trying to keep focused on rev2 and get posts out there one after the other, but the problem is that I have such huge, great and dedicated competitors and with the Web 2.0 market growing like crazy, it’s kinda hard to keep up, and once you see them put up 40 posts in the timeframe you’ve put 4, it really doesn’t make you feel like posting another one.

So, what I have decided is to do something about this, put the months of experiments to rest and slightly branch out rev2 into its own niche. Yes, I’ll still be in competition with TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb and the rest of the clan, but the kind of stuff they cover say 15 times a month, I’ll be really focusing on and delving deeply into. I plan to write aggressively for the first two weeks, say 3+ posts a day at least, which I’m hoping will be a good taster of how much interest this topic gets and how much reading material I can find to continue writing it.

So, what exactly is this new thing I’ll be focusing on? Well, it’s new (and updated) Web 2.0 startups, products, and features. Anything new, and I’ll write about it. KafeKraft launches a new social network for barbie dolls? Great, you can read about it on rev2. Google launches an online presentation tool, Powerpoint clone? I’ll cover that too. YouTube relaunches and updates its interface? Facebook adds a new feature which lets users publish RSS feeds by phone? A new startup lets you fly with pigs? You can read about all that at rev2. As you can see, if something ‘new’ takes places, a startup launch, a product launch, a feature addition, a product update, a startup relaunch — rev2 will be there to cover it.

How is that different to what I’ve been covering? It’s really not too different. To make sure I don’t isolate rev2 or delve too deeply into a niche, it’s really the same kind of stuff I’ve been covering without a few other things, which I will write about occassionally or at least cover the most important ones, but I’ll mainly let my competitors cover. These include startup acquisitions, funding updates (x invests $1 billion into y), pre-beta-launch notices (when I write about a product it’ll be an actual review of an actual existing thing), and random pieces of gossip and rumours simply made to attract diggs and one-time readers. Minus all the stuff above, and that’s the new rev2 (or at least partly-minus — as I said there will be exceptions and I will still be covering the most important advances).

I’m really hoping this new alteration in focus goes well with the existing readers, keeps them craving for more, as well as attracts new ones. Certainly, if you start liking the stuff I cover in the next few days, be sure to tell your friends. Additionally, if you think you have a suggestion or a tip or a company/product pitch which fits in with rev2, please please be sure to let me know. Also, tell me what you think of all this in the comments or through e-mail. Another thing I can promise is that there won’t be many more posts like this one, so hope you have a good easter and enjoy the new rev2. :-)

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