Any Part Time Writers on the Block?

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Update: I was overwhelmed with number of people who e-mailed showing interest, thank you all. That said, after having a look through a ton of applications, writeups and e-mails, I’m glad to announce that Brandon West will be joining as contributing writer. You should start seeing his posts from Monday — and with the help of Brandon, I can nearly guarantee Rev2’s posting frequency will be more than tripling in the next month or so. Also, you should see a lot more analysis and everyday web 2.0 news coverage people have been asking for — ‘Google Rumoured To Acquire SimplyHired’ and of that kind. Of course, new startup/product/service/tool reviews and announcements stay.

Just a quick note that as I continue to grow Rev2, I’m looking for willing, able and passionate Web 2.0 writers to join me. While I’m not yet ready to turn into the fantastic A-list blog which has half a dozen writers and pays more than a new Xbox game a day to each one, I am starting by getting a partly-part-time writer to join me in contributing and bootstrapping new everyday stories and story ideas (of course, as I continue to conquer the world I’ll be needing more – Team Rev2 Set, Match!).

The job can hardly be a part-time job — more like a half an hour coffee-break a day — and you are in no way expected to be good at grammar or paragraphing, I’ll do all that for you :-). All you need to be is an ideas person, a good blog aggregator, Web 2.0 passionate, and able to list facts and the fleshy details of everyday 2.0 stuff. If that sounds anything like your cup of tea, please send me a brief brief bio and writing sample at this e-mail address. Of course, this is a paid gig — but as I said, don’t expect that daily Xbox game — more like a few cups of coffee (unless you’re a really good eBay bidder! 😉 ).

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