Google Launches Universal Search

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Google LogoGoogle announced yesterday its new search system intended to bring together all of Google’s broad assortment of searches into format that should be more convenient for users. The change was announced by Marissa Mayer, VP of search products and user experience over at Google. She explained that Google’s vision is to ultimately search across all of googles content and to compare and rank the results in real time. The search results should include images, videos, books, maps and websites.

The results should begin changing today for some users, and changes will be made over time.

How it Works
Marissa explained how this should work from a user’s perspective:

“A user searching for information on the Star Wars character Darth Vader is likely interested in all the information related to the character and the actor – not just web pages that mention the movie. Google will now deliver a single set of blended search results that include a humorous parody of the movie, images of the Darth Vader character, news reports on the latest Lucas film, as well as websites focused on the actor James Earl Jones – all ranked in order of relevance to the query. Users no longer have to visit several different Google search properties to find such a wide array of information on the topic.”

This will end up being an extremely useful feature for Google users. The changes announced yesterday will be supplemented by other changes that Google is testing at the new Google Experimental site. Possibilities include a timeline view of search results, keyboard shortcuts and the exciting cross-language search feature.