Collactive Launches Digg for Current News

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Collactive, which is an online information distribution system of sorts, launched recently. Collactive allows you to share news stories from various sources — whether that’s Digg or Yahoo! News — and ‘act’ on them to make them more aware.

How it Works

The Collactive site allows you to choose a story, video, news article, or whatever and to send it to your friends using Collactive’s APB (all points bulletin) system. As your friend’s view the site, the APB moves up in the rankings on Collactive’s main page. A few of the stories that are featured on the main page right now involve child abuse, free speech in egypt and a kidnapped journalist.


While I like the idea behind collactive, I am not sure that the site has real lasting potential without some serious changes. The site’s homepage does not focus on the stories that are being voted on, only a small square is shown, and only 6 stories are listed. This site reminds me of other social news sites, but without that little extra draw that is needed to keep users coming back. Maybe I will grow to like this when someone sends me my first APB.