Justin.tv Relaunches Site, Launches Network

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Justin.tv, the Internet ‘Truman Show’ meme we covered back in March, is in ways relaunching with more shows (more Justins!) and a brand new design. The concept, in which CEO Justin Kan wears a camera 24/7 and broadcasts it over the Internet to his growing fanbase and the rest of the world has come far since its launch back in March.

The Justin.tv Network, as they call it, will feature guest ‘casters’ every Monday of the week, when Justin will get his long due holiday. Some casters may be like Justin, attaching a camera to their head and living their everyday life, others might have something else planned. In any case, they will serve as examples to what can be achieved with such a system.

Also debuting today is their new site, which features an updated, more elegant design and an actual user area, where people can signup, login and participate. Also embedded is Justin’s Twitter page and a more interactive way to browse his recorded archive. In all, it’s really a much better site with a wider area for growing and serves its users better than their original launch site.

Justin.tv is an idea which, without doubt, has created a small-scaled Internet phenomenon. It’s given birth to a ton of new webcam broadcasting sites like Ustream and inspired and engaged a wide fan base to participate in such a craze. Their launch only holds to their original concept and gives them more room to branch out and grow, also perhaps incorporating a business model. I won’t be surprised if, in a few months, Justin starts getting offers from people like AOL who might look into tap into this newly formed media.