Technorati Implements New Design

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San Francisco based Technorati launched a major refresh on its site today. Technorati CEO Dave Sifry announced the changes on his personal blog, and outlined the goals and reasoning behind the changes. The new Technorati homepage integrates a different look and feel with drastic backend changes.

The changes at Technorati have expanded the site’s search capabilities beyond the blog-centric search results of the past. Now the site incorporates videos, photos, podcasts, music and games into the search results. Technorati has also combined its separate search, tag search and blog directory search to ease use of its search feature. A ticker now returns hot phrases and search terms at the top of the page. Technorati search results are still largely sorted by the use of tags, and the increasing use of tags across the internet has enabled Technorati to include these other mediums in its search results.

The new search results page is very easy to use and they have left the interface very clean. The results really are a lot more useful, and with the upcoming Google vertical search results, this change is probably necessary for Technorati. The search results seem to be relevant and well organized, and I plan to be visiting Technorati more often.