Nutsie Lets You Access iTunes From Your Mobile

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Seattle-based Nutsie launched in the last week. Nutsie allows you to access your iTunes library from your cell phone so you can listen to all of your favorite tunes on the go.

How it Works

After registering, the first step is exporting your iTunes library and uploading it to You are not actually transferring the music files, iTunes is just exporting the metadata for the music. After this is complete, you can access your music by visiting the website, or by acessing Nutsie from your phone.

Interestingly, your computer doesn’t have to actually be running to access your library of music. This works because the music is actually being streamed off of Nutsie’s servers instead of off your computer. You can also share your music with others, and during beta testing, nutsie is footing the bill with the recording industry.

Right now, the site only shows support for some Nokia phones, and they recommend an unlimited data plan to avoid crazy charges.


Accessing music on cell phones is not a new idea. There are many players anxious to spring into this market with streaming music. I like the idea of having access to my library of music instead of having to listen to songs chosen by someone else from an internet radio station. This also solves the problem posed by the lack of storage on many cell phone mp3 players.