The Podcast Episode 1: Facebook Roundtable

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Editor’s Note: Yes, the rumours are true, Rev2 now has its own podcast! The podcast is essentially, well, a podcast version of the blog — focusing on ‘Web 2.0, technology, and new media.’ We’ll feature exclusive interviews, roundtables and profiles with and of some of the most important people and players in this industry. We need your subscriptions! Here’s our podcast feed. You can also subscribe through iTunes.

The release of the Facebook Platform has enabled a large number of things for developers and players in the Web 2.0 space. In this episode, we host a roundtable discussion with Jia Shen, founder and CTO of RockYou!, Bart Johnston, project leader of the Red Bull Roshambull application for Archrival, Girard Kelly, founder and CEO of Mosoto, and Aaron Levie, founder and CEO of, regarding the Facebook Platform, the involvement of their respective companies in it, and its implications on Web 2.0 in general.