ScienceHack: Human Edited Science Video Search

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ScienceHack is a very simple search engine in the alpha testing phase. ScienceHack helps you find spam-free science videos from sites like YouTube and MetaCafe.

Every video that is accessible through ScienceHack is pre-screened by a scientiest (university student or university graduate student) with a major in a science related field. Searching the database yields very useful results that are being organized by these soon-to-be scientists into very self-explanatory categories.

As of today, ScienceHack has added videos to the Physics, Chemistry, and Space categories, but many more categories are on the way. As the site grows, the developers plan to include more categories, comments, articles, related videos, lectures and a reviewer section. ScienceHack also integrates with Facebook.


I really love niche search engine sites like ScienceHack. Science videos are entertaining, educational, and sometimes hard to find. Just browsing the videos you can learn a great deal, but I imagine this would be useful if you need some specific video. Some examples of the content on the site include videos on “Formation of Sulphur with a Catalyst” and “Solar Energy in Spain, Madrid.”