Kevin Rose’s Latest, Pownce Launches

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PownceKevin Rose, who seems to be turning into the poster-child for Web 2.0 and a so-called ‘parallel entrepreneur,’ launched his latest pet-project Pownce in private beta today. Pownce is a way to share files, messages, links and events with your friends.

Ideally, it’s like Twitter meets Facebook meets Tubes meets AllPeers meets a really well-made and eye-candy application. Users have their own profile at Pownce (example) and their circle of friends, that is, social network. They can send mass-send notes, links, invitations, and files to everyone in their network or a selected few. The ‘stuff’ they send can be public, in which case it shows up for everyone to see, or private, like sharing a huge video. Pownce

They’ve also put together a fancy desktop app which runs on Adobe AIR (currently Windows and Mac), letting users use the same functionality through the convenience of their desktop quickly and easily.

Kevin Rose, along with Leah Culver, Daniel Burka, and Shawn Allen are the people behind Pownce. Kevin disclosed on his blog that this doesn’t change his role at Digg and that it’s a fun side ‘weekend project’ put together by him and a bunch of friends.


Call it a breakthrough idea or something average with Kevin Rose’s name attached, Pownce is a really cool application in a lot of ways. The fact that it was put together over weekends by a bunch of friends really shows how easy it is these days to create something. Having tried out both sides of the service — the site and the desktop app — I have to admit it’s something with potential to take off, following the likes of Twitter and even Kevin’s own Digg perhaps.