Microsoft Live Folders Reviewed

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windowslive Today, Microsoft announced the release of its new online storage service dubbed “Microsoft Live Folders.” Live Folders gives each user 500mb of storage space that can be used for photos, music, documents, and video.

windowslivebigReleased as a beta, Microsoft’s Live Folders allows both private and public file sharing. You can also share files with friends instead of making your files truly public if you would like more security or privacy. The site is organized in a similar fashion to the “My Documents” folder on your computer after you log in, with folders for pictures, music, and documents. New folder creation is easy enough, and uploading files is very simple. Live Folders is very easy to use and is extremely self explanatory.


I absolutely love online storage services, and I have tried way too many of them. I have been saved by online file storage in the past, so finding a useful online storage service has been very important for me. Windows Live Folders has created a very easy to use file storage service that will appeal to a very specific set of users. The simplicity of Live Folder’s features is what will give this service the advantage for the casual internet user. They need to integrate a drag and drop interface for file upload before other users will jump on board. Luckily, the site works with Firefox. However, for any file storage or sharing, I’m still sticking with Box has superior features, is really reliable, and is easy to use.  Give it a shot for your online file storage needs if you haven’t already.