MizPee: Hilarious and Useful Toilet Locator

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mizpee Alright, picture this. You are walking through a subway station in Chicago and you are desperately looking for a toilet. On any normal day without MizPee by your side, you could run into the nearest bathroom without knowing what awaits you inside the swinging door and nothing to read once inside. However, lucky for you, some internet developers have found a solution to your problem and have created MizPee.

mizpeebig MizPee has developed a mobile service that lets users find the closest, cleanest toilet in the area. Using your mobile phone, you can visit MizPee and enter a city/state or zip code and the nearest water closet, port-o-potty, john, or tree is returned with reviews from past users. For each toilet you are given details like the building location, street address, distance, cleanliness, cost or purchase requirements, handicap access (this could be real useful), diaper changing station availability (again, could be useful), and comments from other users.

Once you get to the clean, user reviewed bathroom, you now have reading material easily accessible. The “Toilet Paper” gives you some fun information from other users and the developers of the service.

If you want to give MizPee a go, send a text message with your city and state (New York, NY) to 415-350-2290.

What can I say? I think this may be useful, and could potentially land you that dream toilet location you always dreamed of. No more searching for a toilet with doors on the stalls and paper towels in the dispenser. MizPee to the rescue!