Feedster Relaunches, Back in Green

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FeedsterRemember Feedster, the little feed search engine that could? Turns out it didn’t die out completely back in 2005 — it was through a, err, ‘developing’ phase — and it’s relaunching today in a “Version 2.0 Beta.”

The new Feedster has a lot coming for it. First, you’ll notice a complete design rehaul — in green. It’s a bit more Feedsteredgy and ‘out there’ than the previous Feedster we knew of for the serious news searcher. The premise of this redesign brings Feedster more closer to Technorati than ever — with sections like ‘Entertainment,’ ‘Technology,’ and ‘Sports’ for content discovery amongst tens of channels for all types of new media content.

Of course, the old Feedster the search engine element is still intact — you can search for items within blogs, news feeds, and podcasts. The new results are fairly relevant and are weighed by both relevancy and recency. While there is the occasional non-English result that may appear spammy and I’d still prefer Technorati’s as per the ‘authority’ factor, they’re bearable.

The big twist on the new Feedster is a widget which bloggers and website owners can create directly from a search, stylize it, and embed it wherever they want to. While I can’t see this becoming the next big thing on blogs and MySpace profiles, it’s a decent strategy for a falling company.


When I last heard about Feedster, I think I must have been about seven. They’ve had a ton of problems in the past — ranging from poor management to a crappy product — and I’m happy to see them recovering and making up for it. While it’s still not a perfect product, and Technorati seems to have taken a giant giant leap in the market, we’ll have to give them time to see what they can pull off.