Clipperz: Encrypted Online Password Manager

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clipperzClipperz is a new online password manager with a few tricks up its sleeve. Clippers not only manages your passwords like typical software password management solutions, it serves as a single sign-on solution for all of the different sites you visit.

How it Worksclipperz big

Creating an account requires no email confirmation, so right away Clipperz is off to a good start. After you create your account (they recommend a really strong password), you can begin storing your passwords. To sign up, visit Next, select the bookmarklet tab and you drag the button to the toolbar of your browser. After you visit the login page of your favorite sites, click the button from the toolbar, and you are given some code to take to Clipperz. This code is saved as a “direct login” and a new “Clipperz Card” is created. Now, when you log on to Clipperz, you have single click access to this web log in.

Clipperz also serves as a sort of bookmark repository, allowing you to choose from a long list of the sites you use that require logins and to have one click access to those sites. Additionally, you can store credit card information and address book information in Clipperz. As far as security, Clipperz encrypts your data locally through the browser before being uploaded, ensuring that Clipperz will not be able to recover your passwords or other sensitive information.


Keeping track of passwords gives me horrible headaches. Few things make me more mad than forgetting a password for a site that required some strange combination of letters and numbers that are easily forgotten. I am going to give Clipperz a shot, I think this could be a really useful way to keep track of all of those random passwords you rarely use.