GolfShake: Golf Social Network, Event Planning, Score Tracking

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golfshakeGolfShake, formerly, is a golf-centered score tracker, social network, golf outing planner, and golf product review site.

How it Worksgolfshake big

After logging in to GolfShake, you are presented with a tabbled layout with lots of different functionality. Probably the most important feature of this site is the score tracker. With the GolfShake score tracker you enter your round scores and the site will calculate your handicap for you! After a while of tracking your handicap, you will probably find it useful to check out the graphs GolfShake generates, including a nice graph showing your handicap performance so you can see how you are progressing.

GolfShake also includes a course search feature which has a featured course section as well as a place where you can add courses which are not yet featured. The site is based in the UK, so expect to see UK golf courses now. If you are interested in creating a golf outing for you and your friends, you can create the event and invite your friends. GolfShake has added new social networking features including chat, forum, reviews, and tips and trips.


I am NOT a golfer, but sometimes I pretend to be. For the more advanced golfer who travels and likes to keep track of scores (I like to pretend my scores are better than they are) this site is great. If you are looking for courses, clubs, or golfing buddies, you could find them here too. If you are a golfer, give it a go.