Sudokular is Sudoku Web 2.0 Style

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sudokuSudokular is a Germany based Sudoku website. Sudokular is simple and easy to use, but does require sign up. OpenID is supported for those of you who have your OpenID url.

Daily Challengesudoku

Each day, Sudokular pumps out a new sudoku for you to work on, with different difficultly levels. A timer tracks how fast you can finish the challenge. There is a ranking system and a hall of fame.

Quick Game

If you just need something to do for the time being, but don’t need a new Sudoku each day, you can just click on Quick Game and a new game is automatically generated.

Sudoku Solver

If you are banging your head on your desk trying to solve that really difficult sudoku in today’s newspaper, you can stop. Sudokular will solve the puzzle for you if you input the number from the paper puzzle into the solver.

RSS Feed

For RSS addicts, Sudokular offers an RSS feed of new sudoku puzzles each day. Here is the link.