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The iPhone came out on Friday, and there’s no doubt a large number of developers have already churned a number of cool apps for it. From the ones we could find, we selected the top 25 iPhone apps and made a list (with descriptions!) — just to make your life easier. So, in no particular order:


One of the missing features of the iPhone is a chat/IM application. iPhoneChat lets you use AIM as if Steve Jobs owned AOL. Log in and chat with multiple contacts with tabs, just like the SMS function on your iPhone.


Google ReaderGoogle Reader

No doubt one of the exciting things with phones these days is being able to get information right there and then. And the Google Reader application by David Cann takes your RSS reading to a whole new level.



For the avid digg user with an iPhone, this is a must. It has a really easy to use scrolling interface to maximize the small space available and shows you the current Digg count on the articles you are reading.


OneTripOneTrip Shopping List

The iPhone alternative to sticky shopping list notes on the fridge? OneTrip Shopping List. Provides a super-simple interface as well as a categorized system to make your everyday shopping easy.



Flickr + iPhone = Awesome Photo Browsing, Anytime, Anywhere. No, it really is that cool, you know, for those times you need to look up what a Crotalus Oreganus snake looks like.



If you enjoy Twitter, this is probably the best mobile app for you (arguably even beating Twitter’s own). You can tweet from your iPhone using the well-crafted interface, and have a tap on all your friends. Ironically, this was the way Twitter was first meant to be used.



One of the conveniences of the iPhone is being a good device for business use. Zoho, one of the best office suites on the web, is being used by more businesses everyday. Docs/spreadsheets/presentations on iPhone? iZoho.

It’s a good day, you’re a bit low on cash, and your car’s running out of gas. You need gas prices — premium or regular? Enter your zip code into, and away you go.



This service is best described as a “weather bookmarking service.” You can bookmark your most frequently accessed METARs, TAFs, and radar images. Never fly into a storm without your iPhone and MyMetar again.


Apple ReaderApple Reader

If you want RSS, Apple’s got it. Just point your browser to any RSS feed (try ours) and you’ll get the whole damn thing — like how it’s supposed to look. Of course, remembering the locations might seem as a problem, but your Favourites list is there to help.



For those times when you’re on the go and need to book hotels, flights, cars and cruises from your iPhone, iPhoneTravel is the essential tool. It searches the for prices, and spits out a whole bunch of useful stuff.



Steve Jobs demo’d the ability to read the New York Times from their website. iActu takes it a step further by having five other newspapers, displaying the top headlines from each. Great for the train journey every morning.


diggDigg Mobile

Although Digg hasn’t yet released its official mobile version for the iPhone, we can expect a one some time in the very near future. Until then, you can go ahead and use the unofficial iPhoneDigg app, or stay true to Digg with its old school ‘mobile‘.



iBookmark is a bookmark management service for the iPhone which lets you manage your bookmarks and synchronize them with the bookmarks on your iPhone. The interface is slick with a back background to fit with your shiny new iPhone.


101 Cookbooks101 Cookbooks

Cookbooks and recipes have always been a handy thing. Instead of spending $50 on a recipe book or printing a recipe online and getting pepperoni all over it, why not just use the iPhone app by 101 Cookbooks?



YouTube on iPhone? Like Steve promised. You are welcomed by an list of featured videos just like on its big brother site. There is a search feature, a featured list, a recently added list, most viewed, and the usual stuff. Watch away!



You’re in town with your girl friend and you need to know what time Ratatouille’s playing and how long it is. goMovies can help.



A list making service for the iPhone. Lists can be shared with others and saved for future use. Terms are recognized as you type them to speed up your list-making, and you can print your lists. Great for shopping.



A self-proclaimed ‘social expansion engine’ , iPling allows users to find others who share similar interests. They also match users with similar interests and provide an avenue to meet up in real-life after sending anonymous text messages.



Chess addict? iChess to the rescue! You can use a drag and drop or a point and click selection method to move and the game supports different difficulty levels. Right now, it seems like there is a problem with computer response speed that the developers are working on.


NYTimesRiverNYTimes River

For the minute-by-minute news coverage (literally), the NYTimes River application formats news from the New York Times in a readable way. Now when you’re on your iPhone, there’s no more need to zoom in and out and sift through the noise on their own website.



If you’re out shopping and need prices to compare, CheapMF is the app for you. CheapMF searches giving you access to prices of new and used products as well as reviews and other sources of information. Plus, the name of the service is awesome.



iTouch is a game for the iPhone which tests your reflexes by seeing how fast you can touch a series of dots that pop up on the screen. This is a really simple game, and I imagine it could turn into a really fun drinking game pretty quick.



Avalanche is another addictive iPhone puzzle game. The goal of the game is to rid the screen of all of the blocks by picking 3 or more connected blocks of the same color. Faster decisions give you more points.


expenseExpense View

Expense View is a really cool application which lets you input your purchases into your iPhone. When you get back to your computer, you can log in and see how you have been spending your money. You can divide up your spending into categories and get a chart break down of your expenses.


Did we miss something? Feel free to post it in the comments.

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