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musicmeshMusicMesh is a German service designed to help you find new music. Using a simple search and a cool flash layout, you can browse a web of albums to find music similar to music you may already own.


MusicMesh requires no sign-up and you can start your search using the basic search box at the top of the page. Nothing really fancy about the search, you type an artist name in the box and your web of music appears below. An album from the artist is the starting point of the web and other albums rotate around that album. You can click on these albums, and they become the center point of your web. Using this technique, you can expand out from your initial search to new albums or even genres related in some way to the initial album.

When you select an album, a tabbed list of information is displayed with a track list, reviews of the album, corresponding Wikipedia article, and Amazon products matching the album you have selected. Evidently the data being used to make the connections comes from Lastfm’s AudioScrobbler. AudioScrobbler is a database that tracks listening habits and calculates relationships based on the music people are listening to on and other services.

The site is well designed and doesn’t require excessive clicking or maneuvering between multiple pages to find information. The flash animation adds an interesting twist to the music discovery process. The data pulled from Amazon is also useful because it includes both new and used albums. A track preview feature would make this site a lot more useful.