Zoho Launches Facebook Apps: Web Office Meets the Young

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ZohoOne of the web office suites I’m fond of is Zoho, which has been slowly building up its user base since day one. Today, Zoho announced three applications for Facebook — Writer, Sheet, and Show — which might just do their part in attracting the younger audience, students in particular, to the web office world.

ZohoUsers can create, edit, and view existing documents (Writer), spreadsheets (Sheet), and presentations (Show) through the application. It’s worth noting, however, that the applications are essentially cross-links with Zoho’s own (on their website), and don’t feature an interface right within Facebook.

According to Zoho, 30% of theirs users reportedly consist of students, which shows a great clash with Facebook’s demographic and gives them a good user base to initially popularize their application — that is, if they can convince users that they have an actual use for it.

For Zoho, it’s been a lot of steady growth in the past year or so. With the rise of the Google Office, they’re bound to face fierce competition in the near future, although they have the edge of an early startup that $60,000-per-annum engineers at Google don’t.