Worst Website of the Week (WWW): Week 2

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This Week on Rev2 (TWOR) - Ending 7th July, 2007

catjapaneseThe lucky winner of this week’s Worst Website of the Week Award is the Japanese Aiseikai Hospital. We had to browse around the site for quite a while trying to figure out exactly what its purpose is, and why it’s designed like the way it is. Although we’re still very confused, we managed to learn five main things along the way:

  1. This website is of a Japanese women’s hospital. And yes, you’d be right in thinking that’s all we could find out.
  2. The Japanese can make seizure-causing websites just as well as Americans. If last week’s worst website was dizzying, this week’s worst website is mesmerizing and nauseating. Why are the cat’s eyes flashing? Why is the red text and blue text in front of the building getting bigger and smaller? Why is the copyright footer moving from side to side? As you can see, there are a lot of questions unanswered.
  3. The Google Japanese to English translation service doesn’t work too well (yeah, we know, it’s still in beta).

    “Three warehouse priests the ? doctor of countryside prejudice and being arbitrary, interpreting the ‘your grateful sutra’.”

    “The case of childbirth, after the baby is born, it is discharged outside the parent.”

    “6 generations are conveyed, that business trip diagnosis and treatment was done often even in room state, are rich in activity power greatly, become 1 people of the ancestor/founder of medium interest.”

  4. Literally, every element on that site was made to “stand out,” if you know what we mean.
  5. Colours are a big part of this world. Red, blue, orange, green. And sites like these makes us realize that.

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Carol Multi-Conductor C3122.41.86
Carol Multi-Conductor   E1034S.18.10 picture
Carol Multi-Conductor E1034S.18.10
Carol Multi-Conductor   E3602S.18.03 picture
Carol Multi-Conductor E3602S.18.03
Carol Portable Cord   01380.35T.01 picture
Carol Portable Cord 01380.35T.01
Carol Multi-Conductor   E1032S.18.10 picture
Carol Multi-Conductor E1032S.18.10