Google Acquires Postini for $625 million

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PostiniGoogle announced today that it has acquired San Carlos-based online security company Postini for $625 million in cash (for the webcast-hungry, they have one lined up at 9AM/PT.)

Postini is an enterprise company which offers e-mail and IM security and encryption to more than 35,000 businesses and 10 million users. Google has integrated Postini’s technology across its office suite of products  — Gmail, Google Talk, Calendar, and Docs & Spreadsheets — and as a result of this acquisition, won’t be subject to its license fees.

Google will continue to support current Postini customers, which means the company will most probably remain as it is. One of the main benefits of this acquisition will be to tap into Postini’s current customer base and up-sell products from Google’s own Enterprise group, which includes things like the Search Appliance and its office suite of Apps.

The official press release is available here, and the Google blog post is here.