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For some of our readers, this time of year means a new job search. One of the most tedious aspects of finding a job is creating and distributing the perfect resume. If you are struggling and working through the resume creation process, fret no more, Resolio can make your life a little bit easier.

Resolio’s resume creation process is full of AJAX goodness. The resume is divided into categories just like it would be on paper, and the resume builder walks you through the step-by-step process of creating all of the necessary sections. After filling out all of the required personal information, hobbies, job information, etc., you can choose from a wide variety of very well designed templates. No longer do employers have to suffer looking through a stack of bland white and black templates, Resolio includes many colorful and bold resume templates.

After you have put the finishing touches on your resume work of art, you have a few choices for publishing. First, you can publish to Resolio’s servers (e.g. Second, you can embed your resume into your own page using javascript. Third, you can copy the html or XML and paste it into your own page. This is a well designed, feature rich resume builder. I would definitely recommend it.

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