Competition: Cominded – What is It?

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Paul Birch, the London-based creator of who also happens to be the brother of Bebo founder Michael Birch, is at it again. The name is Cominded and the idea is something he won’t talk about until September. As Birch describes:

“We are building a technology infrastructure here at Cominded using Ruby on Rails to allow us to rapidly develop, launch and manage multiple ‘Web 2.0 style’ websites. These services will deliver social benefit through empowering people to collaborate successfully online and offline for the common good. Their design will reflect people’s fundamental and innate need for human connection and the progression from a mechanistic world to an emergent one. We are also now building our first Web 2.0 service. It’s in stealth mode so we can’t say what it is but plan to launch at the end of September.”

So, we’re asking Rev2 readers — what is it? It sounds like a mix of Ning, Pipes, and Google Gears to us, but we’re willing to accept more detailed answers. And yes, there’ll be a prize involved to the closest guess — that is of course, when we find out in September.