Netvibes Releases Facebook Widget

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NetvibesNetvibes released the Facebook Widget today within their Developer platform which is the best example I’ve seen yet of a ‘platform within a platform’ (and perhaps a within platform) — and how ridiculously useful this has got to be for users on the web.Netvibes

The widget gives you all the functionality of Facebook (with the exception of third-party apps) right within Netvibes. That’s your profile, friend network, requests, search, reminders , and every kind of an update except for the News Feed — which Facebook doesn’t allow access to third-parties for good reason.

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a huge platform war taking place on the web and the winner (that is, if there isn’t one already) will define the future of the web. As we’ve seen with various different fields in the past, a winning platform is defined by something which has the obvious incentive and support from many — and having one ‘eat’ another (analogy: Macs can run Windows) gives an indefinite advantage over the other.

You can add the Facebook Widget to your Netvibes page by clicking here