New York Times “Select” Goes Free

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The New York Post is reporting that New York Times Co. is planning to stop charging the users of the Times “Select” premium service. According to this article from Yahoo, Times Select membership rose from 220,000 in April to more than 224,500 in June of this year. A membership to the Times Select service cost users about $8 per month.

The New York Times has made some great changes in the last few months including the addition of MyTimes. MyTimes is a free personalization service allowing users to create a personal “start page” of sorts including RSS feeds from across the web.

This speculation arises after similar speculation regarding the Wall Street Journal and its membership online content. However, as Adario at Wired mentioned, “this could be a legitimate early tip on the NY Times’ future, or just a bit of artificial pressure applied to the market by the Post.” I guess we have to wait and see.