Skype and Dailymotion Announce Partnership

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Dailymotion, the world’s largest independent video sharing site, and Skype, the peer-to-peer telephone network, announced a partnership today. This partnership will establish a Dailymotion channel on Skype, giving users the ability to share videos from Dailymotion’s Mood Channels. This collaboration will show up in version 3.5 of Skype for Windows.

The Mood Channels on Dailymotion include content selected from submissions received from Dailymotion’s MotionMaker program, which identifies and rewards the best content submitted to DailyMotion. Each of these Mood Channels will be localized to key markets around the world.

CEO and cofounder of Dailymotion Benjamin Bejbaum said, “With this partnership, two of the largest online global communities have come together to create a new experience in video sharing…From now on, Skype users will have access to more than 3 million videos, including premium content and exclusive artwork from our MotionMakers. Skype users will discover that creativity is one of our core values.” This should be a great new addition to the Skype platform, giving Skype users access to over 20,000 new videos uploaded daily.

Thanks to Sherry for the tip.