YUDOmagic: Learn Magic Tricks Online

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YUDOmagic is a relatively new (June) service developed to provide a meeting place for magicians to learn to tricks, and to teach others their favorite illusions. YUDOmagic’s main focus is to provide magic performances and tutorials through their collection of community provided magic videos.

For those who are really interested in magic, YUDOmagic has a special “restricted vault” area with special magic tricks. Users can gain access to this special area by donating or by uploading a magic tutorial of their own. YUDO has also put together a list of magic products available trhough Amazon, with products like the “Rising Card Deck” and the “Magic Pencil.” A public forum is available, although it seems relatively unused at this point.

As far as videos go, YUDO already has a pretty good collection going. The videos are separated into categories like bar tricks, street magic, card tricks, and for kids. The videos are hosted on BrightCove, so for those of you familiar with the player, I believe it is nicer than YouTube’s. For all of the aspiring magicians out there, YUDOmagic is a great niche service.