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Let’s clear one thing up right away. If you are reading this post because you are looking for ice cream, you have come to the wrong place. Blue Bunny is a wonderful concert finding service from the people over at Imity (the bluetooth social network I hope to profile soon).

With Blue Bunny, getting “free concern inspiration” is easy. Focused on the festival schedule of concerts, you begin your Blue Bunny journey at home choosing your favorite bands. Blue Bunny’s “giant computers” then calculate your taste in music, and text message your mobile as soon as a great concert fits your profile. For those who actually attend the concerts, bluetooth antennas actually track which concerts you visit, and use this information to further refine your musical taste profile.

A lot of features are accessible directly via SMS as well. Users can access and sign up for daily recommendations, can get a list of the bands they have chosen, and can find the next concert location. Although this service is specific to the festival schedule in only certain areas, they have a wonderful service that people will love. With an additional social networking kick, like offered by Imity, the whole package could be groovy.