Meebo Just Learned a New Trick

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Meebo, the finest way to communicate with friends and family via the internet, has just announced that it will be sporting a long-requested feature. You can now seamlessly transfer files to your IM buddies, on meebo or off meebo, regardless of which IM network they’re on, no software or download required.

“We’re so happy to be debuting file transfer on meebo. This answers a huge feature request from our users,” said Seth Sternberg, the founder and CEO of Meebo.

For its backend, Meebo uses the affordable, scalable and fault-tolerant solutionMeebo Screen for file storage from Amazon — the old web app buddy Amazon S3 — and Amazon EC2 to prevent downtimes. “Meebo has a record of innovating for its customers – our suite of web services helps them stay singularly focused on that goal,” claims Steve Rabuchin from Amazon Web Services.

This brings the meebo platform a lot closer to the feature set of single-computer old-school software apps Google Talk, MSN Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. Is the next generation IM on the web? That’s for users to decide.