Netscape’s Digg Clone Becomes Propeller

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Propeller: A rotating device, with two or more blades, that acts as a screw in propelling a vessel. Now we can add to that definition the less-than-successful Digg clone that is hosted at According to the Netscape Blog, the Netscape “social news experience” will be migrated and revealed at

The Netscape browser saw great success through the years, at one point holding as much as 85% of the browser usage share. However, the Netscape browser now holds less than 1% of the user share. After being purchased by AOL, the domain name was a generic web portal including customized information tied to AOL accounts. Starting in June of last year, the page became a social news page very similar to Digg. Many Digg users were even paid to submit stories to the Netscape service.

The domain name is going to receive a new face lift with the move of the social news service. The domain name will once again host an AOL branded web portal page available now at Most likely, AOL is trying to take advantage of the large amount of traffic still hitting the domain name. Amazingly, AOL has not taken advantage of the traffic surrounding this announcement and hasn’t even created a holding page at the domain.

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